They say…

‘It’s an absolutely magnificent edition — I’m sure you know that but really, it is just a huge pleasure to handle, to look at, and to read, beautiful and altogether satisfying.’
‘A number of commentators at this year’s Hay Festival posited the inevitability of e-books soon overtaking printed volumes. I have to say that no one in their right mind would want to do other than buck the trend to own and handle Sanctity Pictured.’
‘I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work on the catalogue - it is absolutely perfect, from cover to cover: light, spacious and stylish.’
‘Let me thank you again for your exceptional and hard work and express my great appreciation. I know how rare it is for someone to lavish this sort of time and care and attention on someone else’s work and I feel most fortunate that you have done so. You have a keen eye, acute ear, deft touch, and sharp pen…’
‘The volume [is] so wonderfully handsome… It really is a quite stunning achievement, and it has already drawn far more comment than has the prose — quite justifiable. I owe you much more than is said in the book…’
‘We had planned to give an annual award to the best ad, but gave up on the idea because the award would always go to either X University Press or Radical Philosophy…’
‘It looks incredibly stylish! It won’t look like any other autobiography I’ve seen. There’s an elegance and an austerity to it which echoes the text and the period… Congratulations on producing a design which seems to me so faithfully to re-echo the text.’
‘Your attention to detail and creativity are much appreciated and make all the difference to a very special book like this.’
‘I have to tell you that I have never seen anything remotely as good in terms of editing associated with [the press] before – this is world class.’
‘Critical reaction has been superb, and you will be pleased to know that many people have commented to me how much they appreciated the design.’
‘In my speech I give special praise to editors and mentioned your role in faraway Wales… The response indicates that you succeeded in making the book an historic labor book which all future labor writers will have to cite… You rightfully should be proud.’
‘Everybody here thinks it is one of the best looking books we have produced and the director of the Institute is nothing short of ecstatic.’